Building a Space for Veterans!

Building a Space for Veterans! image

In September of 2022, we purchased a building at 2017 Pennsylvania Avenue, West Mifflin PA 15122. So far we have renovated the work rooms for our Active-Duty "Wishlist" program, Veteran "Welcome Home" program, installed a brand new roof, HVAC and electrical systems. This work was completed through the generosity of GBU Life, Home Depot, The Jefferson Regional Foundation and the hard work and sweat effort of our volunteer team and members of American Legion Post 712.

As you can see, the building needs a lot of work! We're leaving this part of the renovation to the pros and we need your help to complete renovation of the main event space, kitchen, pantry, bathrooms and a special private space for veterans we call the "Veterans Lounge". Once complete, veterans will have FREE ACCESS to events, benefits, resources and will be able to use our veterans lounge to meet with case workers or just chill away from the crowd at larger events. All food, beverages, events and activities will be provided at NO CHARGE to the veteran.

You can help our local veterans by donating to this special campaign. We want to provide our veterans with a place they can socialize, relax, get information or just enjoy a cup of coffee and a light meal.

July 1st marks our 20th anniversary and our goal is to hold our Grand Opening/20th Anniversary Event by the end of July. We are excited to bring resources and a gathering place to the veterans living in and around the Mon Valley of Western PA. By contributing to our Building Renovation campaign, you will make a significant positive impact on their lives. What better way is there to say THANK YOU for your service and sacrifice!